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Thursday 21st October 2004

Fatima and Mariam are unable to sleep without a light in their room, they are afraid of all the medical equipment and are panicking when they see anyone carrying pieces of string and wire as this reminds them of their ordeal in the school in Beslan.

Monday 18th October 2004

Alan Ulov, Kristina Khmliev and Alan Gapoev left the Regional Hospital in Rostov to continue their treatment in Osetia. Sasha and Rustam left the burns unit hospital No 20 and are on their way home for further treatment.

Saturday 16th October 2004

Rustam, (whose photograph is on the home page) phoned from Rostov to say he was going home and to thank everyone who helped and it was a very emotional to hear his voice. It bought tears to everyone's eyes in the Russian Centre.

Thursday 14th October 2004

Fatima, Alan and Rita were baptised in the hospital and Dr. Sharshov was their Godfather.

Monday 11th October 2004

Karl Stortz Endoscopes agreed to supply the necessary equipment without charging for delivery or customs duty as sponsorship in kind towards the appeal.

Saturday 9th October 2004

Hospital received news that the mother of Rita Dzagoeva, the sister (8) of Fatima Dzagoeva (cousin of Rita) and the brother (8) of Alan Kulov all died as a result of the Beslan seige. No more details are available

Friday 1st October 2004

Today the birthdays of Karina who is now 8 and Sasha who is now 13 were celebrated in the burns unit, hospital No. 20. Happy Birthday Karina and Sasha.

Scottish Sun newspaper promised to release money for Infusomats P. A big thank you to Scottish Sun.

Thank you letters received from Dr. Sharshov and Dr. Rosin Rostov (see latest from Rostov Hospitals).

Friday 24th September 2004

Breaking News

Dear Friends,

Firstly, let me draw your attention to some terrible news that is breaking as I write. Hospital No20, which houses the 3 children from the burns unit came under gunfire and grenade attack today. I have just arrived in Glasgow and will be making a phonecall to the hospital immediately. More details can be found at, perhaps someone could translate the article into English for those members who are unable to read it. I am sure that everyone will be joining me in condemming this disgusting act.


Julia Atlas

Thursday 16th - Thursday 23rd September 2004

Report by Julia Atlas (appeal organiser and Director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Glasgow, Scotland)

Beslan Children's Appeal Visit to Rostov-on-Don

We arrived in Rostov-on-Don on 16th September in a delegation consisting of Georgie Reid (feature writer, Scottish Sun), Andrew Barr (photographer, Scottish Sun), Nicola Jolly (Miss UK 2004), Tony Sinclair (project manager, Russian Cultural Centre) and myself. We were met at the airport amid a flurry of press and photographers, among which were four Russian TV channels including NTV and the whole of the first evening was spent giving interviews to the press because we were the first delegation that arrived in Rostov-on-Don and represented a group of people who's money has helped save lives of the victims of Beslan.

On 17th September we visited the Regional Children's Hospital, where we were met by the minister of health for Southern Russia and Dr. Sharshov and the other staff of the hospital. Myself and Nicola were given access into the intensive care unit, where we saw the machines that were bought with your donations at work. Four of the eight children have been moved out of the intensive care unit, while the rest were in isolation at the ICU, they were sedated and were being prepared for surgery. It was wonderful to see our "green boxes" in constant use.

Four of the children have been moved to a ward, as previously stated. They are recovering but are requiring further surgery for injuries such as eye trauma, orthopaedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery. All the children, as you can see from the images, are absolutely lovely and met us with hugs and kisses, which created emotional scenes. They were particularly taken by Nicola because they were waiting for "Koroleva Krasoty" or Beauty Queen in Russia and they considered her a real princess, like Diana.

It was difficult to speak with their parents because they are still in shock; most of them could only cry and thank you all.I would like to draw your attention to two of the children:

the first is a boy called Alan. He is 7 years old and does not yet know that his mother died of 40 gunshot wounds, when she was protecting him with her body. His aunt will now be looking after him. The second child is a 10 year old girl called Fatima. We could not photograph her because her condition was so serious. Dr. Sharshov has said that her nervous system is gradually failing and it is very likely that she will be paralysed from the neck down for the rest of her life. Tragically, the children told us that they want to join the army special forces to fight terrorist and avenge themselves.18th September was spent at City Hospital No.20, where three children are in the burns unit, under supervision of Dr.Rozin. Here we witnessed the most upsetting scenes of the trip as the children were horrendously burnt. He insisted (because of my past medical career) that I watch as they changed the dressings and bathed the children in a special fluid as they could not touch them with their hands. These children are in a serious condition and will continue to remain in intensive care for the next few months. Currently, they are borrowing they newly purchased equipment from Dr. Sharshov. However this equipment is incompatible with their other materials and is also insufficient. Therefore, the next phase of the appeal will be focussed on raising money to buy the necessary life support equipment for these children.

Throught the trip I was holding meetings with BBraun representatives to ascertain what equipment is required. These people did a wonderful job with their speed, efficiency and training of the staff to use the equipment. They delivered the equipment free of charge and installed it 10 days before the financial transaction from the Glasgow account had cleared.

The remainder of the trip was spent meeting the authorities, who would like to express their deepest gratitude for all your help, while Drs Sharshov and Rozin have said that our appeal is the only action so far that has provided any real help. The Red Cross has, incredibly, only sent a basket of fruit to the hospitals. The quick response of all benefactors great and small has prompted them to call our appeal " a miracle".

However, the appeal is not over. Beyond the money raised to buy the current equipment, we have already raised over £10,000.00 in just over two weeks. We hope to buy more BBraun green boxes for the burns unit. We also hope that Scottish Sun will release some money from their Teddy Bear campaign to buy a small transport ambulance, that can be used to transfer children between hospitals or somewhere outdoors, where they can relax and be out of hospital surroundings for a few hours.

Please keep donating to the appeal. If you have questions regarding the equipment or the condition of the children, we will provide you with up to date information as we receive it. I was told in Rostov that we are all seen as these children's foster parents- such is the effect generated by everyone's efforts.

I would like to give special thanks to the Intourist UK (London and Glasgow), Intourist Hotel Rostov-on-Don, The Russian Consulate General in Edinburgh and Russia Direct in Edinburgh for their kind sponsorship of the entire trip. Not a penny has been spent from your donations on the travel expenses and accommodation for the trip.

Julia Atlas
Director, The Russian Cultural Centre

TEL 0141 553 0733

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