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Friday 1st October

Letters of thank you from Hospital doctors in Rostov.

Chief Consultant Dr. Boris Rozin Hospital No. 20

Dear friends, thank you for all your help. I am not a diplomat and may not be the most eloquent of speakers. I'm a doctor and my job is to save children's lives. Therefore, I cannot find the words to describe how grateful I am, the staff of the hospital and the parents are for your generosity and help. Your efforts were the only real help that we have received, since the Beslan massacre. We are amazed to the bottom of our hearts at the attentiveness and warm nature of the Scottish people and the help that each of the children received. Thanks to this equipment we can be certain that Karina, Rustam and Sasha will survive to lead fully active lives and that this equipment will go on to save many more lives in the years to come. Special thanks to the Scottish Sun and Russian Cultural Centre delegation, who I see as the people's ambassadors and whom I hold in my heart dearly.

I would like to inform you that it was Sasha's 13th birthday yesterday, while Karina is 8 years old today. Both are doing well and Karina's head dressing has been wrapped in bows to celebrate the occasion. We baked them a cake and they are holding their teddy bears, smiling and sending everyone a big hello. Rustam is preparing for an operation on Monday to place a skin graft and lung surgery. Therefore, the new bronchoscope donated by you is coming at just the right time. Please keep in touch and I'm sure our friendship will remain strong.

Chief Consultant Dr. Feodor Sharshov, Rostov Regional Children's Hospital lertter

The staff at the Rostov Regional Children's hospital have been working tirelessly for the past month to save the lives of the 11 children who were admitted following the Beslan Massacre. They were in a serious condition, suffering from multiple fractures, spinal and brain injuries. Modern medication requires to be administered in gradual doses on a constant drip. Before your equipment arrived, we had to administer the drugs manually, counting each drop and timing the administration, which can be inaccurate. Thanks to the infusors, which you provided we were able to administer the appropriate medication to the children without constant supervision, meaning that we could use our time more efficiently and save these children's lives. Most of the children are expected to make full recoveries thanks to your help. One girl, Fatima, will remain paralysed on her left side. Yet it is a major improvement in her condition before your equipment arrived, when we feared that she would be completely paralysed. However, her life was saved using the equipment provided by your kind donations. The most important factor in your help was the speed with which you acted, which doubtless saved these children's lives. Thank you, also, for listening to us when we asked for the equipment that we needed, rather than sending something which may not have been of immediate use to us.

Sunday 12th September

Received telephone call from Chief Consultant Dr. Boris Rosin of the burns intensive care unit City Hospital No. 20 begging for help with three Beslan victims brought to his unit.

Kusova Karina (7 years)
10% burns and severe chest injuries gunshot wounds to legs & pelvic area
Kabaloev Rustam (12 years)
30% burns and severe brain and chest injuries

Chedjemov Sasha (12 years)
40% burns and severe breathing difficulties

Saturday 11th September 2004 18:00hrs GMT

Equipment delivered and installed for 8 beds in Rostov Regional Childrens' Hospital - Chief Consultant Dr. Sharshov - by B. Braun Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

Friday 10th September we have been able to make direct contact with the hospital and get the names and injuries of the children.

Alan Ulov (12 years)
On life support machine
Shrapnell penetration of the skull

Tkhostova Asya (12 years)
On life support machine
Shrapnell penetration of the skull

Dzagoeva Fatima (12 years)
Shrapnell penetration of the temple
Surgery performed on Wednesday 8th to remove Shrapnel

Dzagoeva Rita (15 years)
Gunshot wounds to abdomen leading to peritonitus
Surgery performed on Monday 6th

Tokaeva Magina (12 years)
Gunshot wound to back of head

Gapoev Alan (7 years)
Gunshot wounds to abdomen leading to peritonitus
Explosion damage to feet causing severe open wounds

Khmlieva Kristina (10 years)
Severe brain damage from concussion
Shrapnell penetration of the temple
Awaiting neurosurgery

Marian Simonyan (15 years)
Gunshot wounds to abdomen leading to peritonitus
Gunshot wounds to the head

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