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KOSHKA perfom in the Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok
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Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok Interior Detail
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KOSHKA perfom at the Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok Opening
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Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok from the Trongate 103 Foyer
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Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok
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Russian Pelmeni
cafe cossachok_07
Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok Art Gallery
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Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok from the Trongate 103 Foyer
cafe cossachok_09
Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok Interior Detail

Russian   Café - Gallery   Cossachok  is  back  to it’s   original   location  at  10 King Street after two years of exile in Albion Street.

Scotland’s first and only authentic Russian restauran opened in February 1998 by Lev Atlas (a musician) and Julia Atlas (a biologist) Cossachok aims to bring Russian and Eastern European traditions of cuisine, hospitality and culture to the heart of Glasgow.

The menu is a journey through the former Soviet territories, from Russian dumplings and pancakes, Armenian moussaka to Georgian kebabs, and can be enjoyed with either some of the impressive range of vodkas or a good French wine. Starters include borscht, the classic soup of beetroot, cabbage and garlic, served with smetana (sour cream) and rye bread, or well-presented platters of salmon, marinated herring and pickled cabbage. Beef stroganoff is a far cry from the Seventies; here it is a rich, spicy dish of tomatoes and paprika, topped by straw potatoes, shredded and fried potatoes that hold their earthy flavours while clinging to the sauce like pasta. Desserts are outstanding: blinis glace are traditional Russian pancakes with rich ice-cream, while the homemade cakes, bursting with honey and walnuts, are well worth leaving room for.

The striking interior was designed by Julia Atlas in conjunction with acclaimed Estonian artist, Denis Boyar, producing an utterly unique, warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Russian Café-Gallery Cossachok can justifiably claim itself to be a significant cultural establishment of the Merchant City .

Live folk, jazz and world music is played every Sunday night by outstanding musicians. Art by local and international artists is regularly featured in the gallery.

Let’s raise a shot of vodka to say "Na Zdorovie!"

Awarded a place on the HITLIST of The List Eating and Drinking Guide every year since 1998

"A family-run celebration of Russian food and culture"
The List Eating and Drinking Guide 2009

Russian Cafe-Gallery Cossachok is based on the ground floor of the new exciting venu, Trongate 103, a center for the arts and creativity in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City.

The Russian Cultural Centre is a Registered Charity SCN 028887


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