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Dictionary - some Russian translations

Cossack (ru) - Don Cossacks - "free people" - originated as bands of run-away peasants, who organised into a military society and were given the privilege of not paying taxes in exchange for protecting the Southern borders of medieval Russia.
Cossachok (ru) - A little Cossack; drunk Don Cossack who doesn’t want to fight but drink and flirt; lovely Ukrainian dance.
Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) - A large city in the Don Cossack Region in south Russia.
Blini (ru) or blintzi (yid) - Pancakes.
Smetana (ru) - Soured cream.
Selyodochka pod Vodoch’ku (ru) - Russian welcoming custom refreshment.
Zakuski (ru) - The generic name for Hors d’oeuvres.
Ikra zamorskaya (ru) - Roasted vegetable ratatouille.
Adjika (geo) - A spicy Georgian tomato dip.
Tkemali (geo) - A spicy Georgian plum dip.
Khmeli-Suneli (geo) - An original Georgian mixture of 15 spicy herbs.
Satzivi (geo) - Georgian walnut sauce made with Khmeli-Suneli, an authentic Georgian spicy herbs mixture.
Gyuvetch (blg) - Vegetable casserole.
Matsoni (geo) or Matson (arm) - мацони, yogurt.
Vareniki (ukr) - Ukrainian dumplings.
Babushka (ru) - Sweet name for Grandma.
Mamushka (ru) - Sweet name for mama (rarely used); vivacious dance that Gomez gave to Fester in the Adams Family movie.
Lavash (arm) - A soft, thin flatbread, widespread in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Kasha (slav) - Buckwheat - one of the oldest known dishes in the Slavic cuisines.
Tortik (ru) - malinky, wee tart (!)
Kutouzov Cake - Named after Russian Field Marshal, who defeated French Emperor Napoleon during France's invasion of Russia in 1812.
Napoleon Cake - Named after French Emperor, who was defeated by Russian Field Marshal Michael Kutouzov in 1812.