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Annual 9th May Concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
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Russian Cultural Centre - Children's Theatre Workshop
Rehersing for a production of Kashtanka by Anton Chekov
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Winter Kaleidoscope project in Cooper Institute
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School Music Workshop with Rik Palieri
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KOSHKA - Lev Atlas (Violin), Nigel Clark (guitar) and Oleg Ponomarev (violin) - Performs with symphony orchestra at Celtic Connections 2008
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Russian Cultural Centre Sports Exchange with Rostov-On-Don Gymnasts
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Russian Cafe-Gallery Cossachok
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Rostov Childrens' Jazz Project
cafe cossachok_09
S. Prokofiev Love of Three Oranges - A Celtic Cossack Connections Project

The Russian Cultural Centre opened in Glasgow 1998 with the express aim of bringing the best of Russian culture to Glasgow and Scotland.  The Directors of The Russian Cultural Centre, Lev Atlas (violinist) and Julia Cherner-Atlas (molecular biologist), a husband and wife team originally from Rostov on Don, (one of Glasgow's Twin Cities), had the vision of creating a centre that combined Eastern European art and music with Russian cuisine which together would provide a distinct Russian perspective on current Glasgow and on modern X-block countries. Russian Cafe-Gallery Cossachok Scotland's first and only authentic Russian cafe and arts venu, has established itself as a unique culinery and cultural institution of Glasgow.

Central to achieving this vision is a programme of artistic projects that brings professional artists, children and young musicians from Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukrain, Czech Republick... to Glasgow. The artistic projects can be summarised thus: International artists' residencies, music, cultural exchanges, art exhibitions and a music education programme in Glasgow schools.  In addition, The Russian Cultural Centre has undertaken charitable fundraising for causes such as Beslan.

Together with five musical partners such as the Rostov State Rachmaninov Conservatoire, the Rostov State Musical Theatre, the Rostov Jazz School and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Scottish Opera; the Russian Cultural Centre is developing an innovative programme of musical and educational activities - Celtic Cossack Connections.

As of September 2009 we are delighted to be moving into our refurbished home at the spectacular Trongate103 Visual Arts Facility, which will enable us to offer opportunities to the wider community to participate in our arts activity in an environment that values the creativity of all individuals. For more details please see

The Russian Cultural Centre is a Registered Charity SCN 028887

Registered Charity SCN 028887 founded 1998

TEL 0141 553 0733

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