cafe cossachok_01
Annual 9th May Concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
cafe cossachok_02
Russian Cultural Centre - Children's Theatre Workshop
Rehersing for a production of Kashtanka by Anton Chekov
cafe cossachok_03
Winter Kaleidoscope project in Cooper Institute
cafe cossachok_04
School Music Workshop with Rik Palieri
cafe cossachok_05
KOSHKA - Lev Atlas (Violin), Nigel Clark (guitar) and Oleg Ponomarev (violin) - Performs with symphony orchestra at Celtic Connections 2008
cafe cossachok_06
Russian Cultural Centre Sports Exchange with Rostov-On-Don Gymnasts
cafe cossachok_07
Russian Cafe-Gallery Cossachok
cafe cossachok_08
Rostov Childrens' Jazz Project
cafe cossachok_09
S. Prokofiev Love of Three Oranges - A Celtic Cossack Connections Project

The Russian Cultural Centre Cossachok (RCCC) opened in Glasgow 1998 with the express aim of bringing the best of Russian culture to Glasgow and Scotland.  Founders - Directors Lev Atlas (violinist) and Julia Cherner-Atlas (molecular biologist) originally from Rostov on Don - one of Glasgow's Twin Cities, started RCCC with the vision of creating a centre that combined Eastern European culture and music with Russian cuisine which together would provide a distinct Russian perspective on current Glasgow and on modern X-block countries.

The Russian Cultural Centre Cossachok strive to deliver the following aims and objectives:

  • promote, maintain, improve and advance art and education particularly with a view to establishing increasing Eastern European /Scottish cultural links and artistic fusions;
  • encourage and promote interest in both literature, music, art and artistic activities in general by organising festivals, concerts, community and education projects, exchange programmes and visits, particularly benefiting young people based in Scotland and those with special needs or circumstances;
  • encourage and promote general arts education for children, especially those with special needs and circumstances, by using Russian, Armenian, Georgian musical and art traditions, particularly in the involvement of popular, acclaimed artists to encourage enjoyment with aspiration, involvement and quality;
  • encourage, promote and organize lectures, concerts, projects and exhibitions for the benefit of the young and thus to improve the cultural and racial climate between different ethnic groups in Scotland;
  • fight against racial and religious intolerance.

The Russian Cultural Centre Cossachok combined Eastern European culture, music and cuisine which together provided a distinct international perspective on current Glasgow. Russian Cafe-Gallery Cossachok became Scotland's first and only authentic cafe and arts venu, has established itself as a unique culinery and cultural institution of Glasgow.

The Russian Cultural Centre Cossachok is based in Merchant City Cultural Hub - Trongate 103, which become another example of Glasgow's innovative approach to stimulating contemporary arts.Trongate 103 comprises galleries, workshops, artists' studios and production spaces for the creation of art across genres, including printmaking, photography, digital media, ceramics and more. There are exhibitions, educational and participative activities for young and old alike, as well as practical workshops, talks, readings and performances.

The Russian Cultural Centre Cossachok actively participates in cultural, artistic and educational life of Merchant City. One of the pinnacles of these activities was our participation, in collaboration with Glasgow Life, in Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme. The Russian Cultural Centre's project " Giant Commonwealth Cake" in which 130 local schoolchildren took part received commendation and a prize of Commonwealth Games' Cultural programme committee.

The Russian Cultural Centre is a Registered Charity SCN 028887

Registered Charity SCN 028887 founded 1998


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