cafe cossachok_01
Koleso performing in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_02
Brothers Zamiskovci perform in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_03
Rehersing for KOSHKA performance in City Hall
cafe cossachok_04
KOSHKA perform in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_05
Carol Kidd and Nigel Clark in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_06
Uzbek Group Ofarin perform in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_07
Uzbek dance performance
in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_08
Russian Group Gypsy Tallisman perform in Café Cossachok
cafe cossachok_09
Customers join in thr fun in Café Cossachok

Music forms the heart of the cultural programme. Throughout the year, musicians from Russia, former USSR states, Ireland, USA, Germany, Croatia and elsewhere are invited to participate in festivals like the Scottish International Jazz Festival, Glasgow West End Festival, Glasgow Mela, Glasgow Merchant City Festival and Celtic Connections.

During the festivals these visiting musicians perform in venues across Glasgow and Scotland (including Shetland, Aran, Bute, Ayrshire and Edinburgh) as well as participating in a schools workshop programme within the city of Glasgow.

A unique feature of this programme is the focus on bringing young talented musicians from Russian jazz and music schools. On two occasions, a quartet of young female jazz singers from Beslan has been part of the Jazz festival. Most recently, the best of Russian gypsy musicians, singers and dancers, participated in Celtic Connections 2006. We also work with the acclaimed Rostov Children’s Jazz Group (comprising giften young musicians aged 9-15), producing concerts and workshops in Glasgow Schools as well as the Merchant City Festival and Glasgow International Jazz Festival.

The most successful multicultural partnerships include workshops and performances by Rostov Balalaika (Russia), Rik Palieri (USA), Koshka (Scotland) and Trumpets of Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

Of special interest is ‘Paragon International', a collaboration of internationally recognised professional musicians with amateur musicians from Glasgow's asylum community.

The music education programme ensures that children in Glasgow schools are exposed to new musical and cultural experiences encouraging an understanding and appreciation not only of music from other countries but also aspects of other cultures.

The Russian Cultural is a Registered Charity SCN 028887


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